The RallyAI Vehicle Control System is a software platform that provides an unprecedented level of vehicle control, making vehicles much more capable, more resilient to changing conditions, and much safer than with other approaches.

Operating at the speed of processors and software. Always learning. Not replacing the driver,  but rather augmenting the driver’s abilities and reaction times. Point the vehicle where it needs to, and RallyAI gets you there.

To put it simply: RallyAI is smarter and faster than a human driver.  

RallyAI enables an unprecedented level of vehicle control by tying together such concepts as machine learning, independent wheel drive-by-wire and steering; and leveraging the latest in advanced sensor and electric control hardware. The result is a level of traction and control significantly more advanced than anything else available today.

AI-based. Predictive in nature. 

RallyAI is constantly aware of

the vehicle's condition and

surroundings, and adapts automatically to changing conditions whether they be environmental, road surface or mechanical failures in the vehicle itself. The driver just focuses on pointing the vehicle where it needs to go, RallyAI does the rest, automatically adapting to changing conditions along the way.