Unlocking the potential of electric off-road vehicles

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Building the Future of Vehicle Control

According to BloombergNEF's recent Electric Vehicle Outlook report, there will be over 500 different EV models available globally by 2022. As the race to electrify automotive continues, off-road has been in the back seat. So what can the next generation of climate-conscious adventure seekers expect?

At Potential Motors, we are building a fully electric off-road platform with unprecedented levels of control, performance, and resiliency. Through AI-based holistic vehicle control, we are re-imagining what the driving experience can be and empowering a new generation of off-road adventure vehicle makers.

The new DNA for off-road vehicles

What if the entire vehicle acted in unison? Every piece of hardware perceiving and communicating with each other in real time as one holistic, interconnected body.

Artificial Intelligence

Holistic Control


Through reinforcement learning, we are creating intelligent drivetrains, able to optimize suspension, steering, power, and efficiency to adapt to changing terrains and environments. By combining the most advanced hardware with artificial intelligence, we can empower off-road vehicles with unprecedented levels of resilience, safety, and overall performance.

Our platform will empower off-road vehicle makers big and small to build resilient and highly performant electric vehicles; all with radically lower development timelines and costs.

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This is the future of vehicle control.
“Within a decade, the internal combustion engine automobile is likely to look exactly like what it is - a machine that converts gasoline into much more heat than forward motion, a bizarre antiquity.”
– Stephen Petranek