We're creating an all-new driving experience; delivering a level of vehicle control and resilience that hasn't been possible - until now.



Potential Motors is a software company with the mission to enable an all new driving experience.

The RallyAI Vehicle Control System works with the latest electric control and sensing hardware to provide an unprecedented level of driving capability, vehicle resilience, safety, comfort and confidence.

Artifical Intelligence 

 Operating at the speed of processors, software, and electric motors for steering and braking.  Always learning. Not replacing the driver,  augmenting the driver’s abilities and reaction times.

To put it simply: RallyAI is smarter and faster than a human driver.  


with drive-by-wire steering, acceleration and braking.  Taking inputs from the driver, vehicle condition sensing, environmental sensors, and special awareness data; RallyAI sits between the driver and the control hardware and controls the electric drivetrain.

The driver points the vehicle where it needs to go, and RallyAI gets it there.

RallyAI controls the vehicle on behalf of the driver

Independent 4-Wheel Control

Steering, acceleration, and braking are all controlled

independently at each wheel, enabling advanced control capabilities such as -- but not limited to -- adaptable toe-in / toe-out wheel configuration, independent 4-wheel torque vectoring, and independent 4-wheel steering.

Vehicle Resilience

and adapts automatically to mechanical failures and environmental forces such as off-road conditions, sidewinds, and even damage to the vehicle itself. Whether it’s a tire blowout, or partial brake loss, RallyAI incorporates cross-system redundancy to adapt appropriately and keep the vehicle safely and effectively heading on its course.

RallyAI is constantly aware of the vehicle's condition



Potential Motors Raises $2.5M

May 06, 2020

Fredericton-based Potential Motors, a software company that uses Artificial Intelligence to boost vehicle safety and performance, has closed a $2.5 million funding round, with which it plans to increase its staff.

The company issued a statement Wednesday saying that Build Ventures, the Atlantic Canadian seed-stage investor that had the initial close of its second fund last year, led the round. The other funders included Brightspark Ventures and the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation.

Build Ventures’ General Partner Patrick Keefe has joined the Potential Motors board.

The New Heart of Automotive is Software

March 10, 2020


When Carroll Shelby retired from racing with a heart problem in 1960, his doctor told him he had 5 years to live. Carol said, “I figured so what. I might as well try to build a car that I dreamed of”. And, he did. Shelby’s AC Cobra dominated over Corvettes and defeated Ferrari in the World Manufacturers’ GT championship (1965).

Now, the $2+ trillion dollar auto industry is going through the biggest disruption in its history, and the stakes are high.

This is the industry that underpinned the industrialized economy. The first industrial revolution (1765) was founded on mechanization. The second industrial revolution of 1870, brought forth the...

Radian6 Co-founders Join Potential Motors

Feb 28, 2020

Not only has Potential Motors pivoted to become a software company, but the Fredericton startup has brought two of New Brunswick’s most successful tech entrepreneurs on to its team.

Chris Newton and Marcel LeBrun have joined Potential Motors as Chief Scientist and Chairperson respectively. They are best known as the Co-Founders of Radian6, the social-media-monitoring company that sold out to for US$326 million in 2011. 

As they joined the Potential Motors team, the company changed its business model to focus on software that improves the performance of automobiles, especially in steering, accelerating and braking. It’s a change from the team’s original mission two years ago ...