Why You Should Care About Vehicle Controls

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Sam Poirier, CEO
May 19, 2022
4 Min read

The brain of off-road.

Think of your vehicle’s control system as the brain. That is what controls everything your vehicle does. From how the suspension behaves, to how much power and torque are applied at what times. Based on your input this decides how the vehicle interacts with its environment.

We have been conditioned to look at hardware first as a measurement of a vehicle’s performance because it used to be the only one. Just like picking your team on the schoolyard, you will naturally pick the biggest or tallest person first. But, this is far from the only thing that matters.

When you think about your vehicle, you probably think about its physical attributes, the hardware. And no doubt, this is vital. An athlete’s abilities are certainly influenced by their body — their hardware. This is why you don’t see a lot of 150 lb linebackers or 5 foot 4 volleyball stars.

However, the hardware is simply the tools available. The brain is what makes the difference between an intramural all-star and a professional athlete. There is no shortage of athletic bodies around, but very few who are elite.

Just as there are plenty of strong people who can brute force their way down a football field, there are plenty of off-road vehicles that can blast their way up a hill. But the best of the best don’t just blast through, the best can dance. The best make it look effortless because they are smart, able to pick their spots and make the smallest of adjustments to glide their way to a touchdown.

The same goes for vehicles. Hardware is becoming a commodity. There is no shortage of off-road vehicles with lots of HP and torque. But the difference between good and great will come from the control systems — the brains.

This is not to say that brute strength isn’t useful, or a whole lot of fun. There can be a certain joy in trying to control a roaring vehicle. But, for those who want an elite off-road driving experience, you need more than strength.

Imagine an athlete with a great set of physical attributes. Great leaping ability, quick feet, and long arms. How do you make the most of those attributes? How do you give them vision of what’s happening around them, instant reaction time, and veteran-level decision-making? This is what control systems do for your vehicle. They are the invisible force that determines what your vehicle can really do. The difference between good and elite.

As we move to electric we won’t just be building sustainable vehicles, we’ll also be building smarter vehicles. With improvements in vehicle control, we’ll be able to get more out of the hardware on your vehicle. This doesn’t mean taking away from the driving experience but enhancing it by improving the vehicle’s response to the way you drive.

At Potential Motors we are building a vehicle but we are also building the brain for off-road electric vehicles. The brain might be harder to see, but it’s what will ultimately make you feel the difference.

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