The P0 Electric UTV Test Platform

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Potential Motors
June 2, 2022
5 min

A Milestone for Potential

Potential Motors is now testing our electric UTV test platform, P0. It is an electric UTV platform used to test and iterate Potential’s core vehicle control technology. The testing will ramp up to solve off-road driving problems through increasingly challenging conditions and maneuvers.

P0 is a major milestone in the development of our vehicle control technology that will be used in both our own adventure UTV and in future UTVs developed by off-road vehicle manufacturers. It has not only built our team’s capacity and skills for vehicle development, but this rugged test mule allows us to push the limits of our technology.

The entire vehicle was designed and built in-house in under a year by the Potential Motors team.

About the P0 Test Platform

P0 is an electric UTV platform with four motors, independently controlled semi-active suspension, and 585 HP designed to take on challenging off-road terrain through advanced vehicle controls.

Its powertrain is entirely software controlled, which means the powertrain and suspension response is completely modular and can react to its terrain.

This proactive powertrain and suspension response is enabled by an advanced perception stack in P0. Through a curated sensor suite, the perception system analyzes P0’s terrain, then its ECU uses that data for decision-making for advanced traction control.

Impact on the Off-Road Industry

The off-road industry is still dominated by ICE (internal combustion engine), but is posed to electrify rapidly due to consumer demand, technological advantages, and the need to dramatically reduce emissions.

With electric vehicle architecture comes the requirement to control more of the drivetrain through software. This opens new opportunities to enhance the off-road driving experience through proactive, terrain-based, and holistic vehicle control.

Adopting this technology for electric side by sides will lead to simplification of development and improved vehicle capability for off-road vehicle manufacturers, both of which will advance the adoption of electric side by sides. This technology is being used for the first time in P0.

About P0

P0 in Action

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