Dinner with a View: Adventure 1's Kitchen

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Potential Motors
September 29, 2022
4 min

Coffee never smelled so good.

Nothing smells quite like coffee on a calm misty morning in the middle of nowhere, or feels as comforting as a warm camping mug in your hands, or sounds like the tss your beer makes when you pry the top off after a long day of exploring.

One of the many things that make the Adventure 1 an off-road adventurer’s best friend is the kitchen.

We know that food and cooking play an integral role in our relationships with one another, our health, and our joy. Being able to harness that while in the back and beyond makes for a fantastic trip.

Egoe Supertramp Nestbox shown

The ideal camping kitchen includes more than just your basic burner, utensils, and a cooler. In fact, it includes a whole lot more.

All of the handy tools in your Adventure 1’s kitchen fit into three categories.

  • Cooking Module
  • Water Module
  • Accessories

Now, let’s dive into each.

Cooking Module

  • (2) burner camping stove
  • (2) propane cartridges with neoprene cover
  • (1) 15 litre refrigerator
  • (1) Timemore C2 coffee grinder
  • (1) Fellow coffee making set
  • (1) French press
  • (1) Kettle
  • (2) travel mugs
  • (1) Knife
  • (1) Cutting board
  • (1) Cutlery tray
Basic cooking module diagram without fridge

Water Module

  • (1) removable folding wash bin
  • (1) pump and hose with quick coupler
  • (2) 12 litre water canisters (in addition to the vehicle’s 40L integrated water storage)
  • (1) wash bin mixer
  • (1) shower with 150cm hose
Basic diagram of water module. Not all features are shown.


  • (1) axe (NST SU 500 model)
  • (2) Batyline bags
  • (2) Drawers
Basic model of axe

*All kitchen specifications may be subject to change in future Adventure 1 models.


This killer kitchen is more than just a kitchen. On top, you’ll find the Sleep Module with a deployable full-sized bed that conveniently folds away.

But, that’s a story for another time.

Adventure 1 houses an exclusive, customized Egoe Supertramp Nestbox. The quality-designed camping module provides everything needed to cook and sleep in comfort in the most remote places. Learn more about our partnership here.

Image to show model type and scale and may not reflect final product.

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