Off-Road OS

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Enhancing the off-road driving experience

Live terrain adaptation

Modular on-the-fly control over the vehicle’s tuning and performance will give new off-roaders more confidence and veterans more control through changing terrain.

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Enhancing the off-road driving experience

Proactive suspension

Beyond active suspension. Proactive adjustments to damping and stiffness for maximum performance and comfort through everything.

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Enhancing the off-road driving experience

Torque distribution

Independent torque control at each corner to improve trail cornering and hill climbing.

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Enhancing the off-road driving experience

Intelligent resilience

Intelligent identification and adaptation to hardware failures. Keeps the vehicle driving straight and gets drivers and their families home safe.

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How it Works:
The New Brain of Off-Road Vehicles

Terrain perception

A curated sensor suite reads terrain and feeds information to the ECU and to the driver. This results in next level vehicle control off-road and improved driver decision-making.

Holistic control

Off-Road OS integrates subsystems like torque and suspension into one system, the Potential ECU and central brain of the vehicle. With multiple systems working together in harmony, a vehicle is able to make optimal decisions for whatever the driver is trying to achieve.

Intelligent vehicle dynamics

Continuous optimization of torque application and shock stiffness at each corner for the vehicle’s current terrain.

Scalable and architecture agnostic

Off-Road OS runs on different kinds of electric vehicle architectures making it easily scalable across product lines. Single, double, triple, or quad motor, Off-Road OS manages and optimizes.
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Hear from the experts themselves

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Partner With Potential

Electrification pilot projects

For OEMs just starting their EV experimentation and development, we can provide support for vehicle controls, guidance for electrification strategy, and help you sidestep major setbacks.

Outsource your software integration

For OEMs working towards production of new EV products,
you can outsource your software integration to us and speed your path to production.

Run Off-Road OS in your vehicles

For OEMs looking to lead the electric UTV market with standout performance and features, you can license Off-Road OS to run in all of your electric products, regardless of architecture. 

Contact our Engineering leadership to discover how OROS might work for your business
Run OROS on your vehicles
Run OROS on your vehicles
Run OROS on your vehicles