Potential Motors electric UTV prototype
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Preserve and enhance the adventure of driving

Driving is human. It is a visceral experience and an enabler of adventure. As our streets get more congested and vehicles go autonomous, where will we go for the joy of driving? We are here to preserve the experience and take it beyond painted lines and stop signs.
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Our Story

Born out of a passion for making off-road adventure more sustainable and accessible, our team has dedicated our efforts to building products that get more people exploring harder to reach places.
Potential Motors electric UTV test prototypePotential Motors employee testing electric UTV prototypePotential Motors employees with testing prototypePotential Motors employeePotential Motors employeesPotential Adventure 1 UI screen
After our Chief Scientist kept getting stuck at trails with his 4x4 sprinter van, we developed the vision for the Adventure 1 and got to work on a vehicle to take the adventure to new places.
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The second wave
of electrification

[Why now]
The demand for UTVs is soaring and the industry is just in the beginning stages of electrification, with a strong EV push from regulators and consumers. 

Today’s environment is the perfect opportunity to re-imagine and grow the industry in terms of technology and products.
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Technology Experts,
Adventure Enthusiasts

[Our team]
A proven track record building successful tech companies like Radian6 and Q1 Labs with deep engineering expertise gained at the world’s leading automotive and powersports OEMs.


Sam Poirier

[CEO & Co-founder]

Michael Uhlarik

[Head of design]

Bill Lamey

[VP of Engineering]


Chris Newton

Chris Newton

Co-Founder of Radian6 and Q1 Labs with combined exits over $1B
Marcel Lebrun

Marcel Lebrun

Former CEO, IMagicTV & Radian6 (Salesforce)
Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Former Chief Creative Officer, Rivian
David Longren

David Longren

Former CTO, Polaris Off-Road