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Adventure 1's versatility and adaptability make it an ideal platform for purposes other than off-road recreation. New possibilities include being a multipurpose and adaptable means of specialized commercial transport, as an industrial exploration platform, providing non-combat military mobility for personnel and equipment, and much more. 

Arctic vehicle

Modified for expedition use, the Adventure 1 platform is the ultimate remote work medium utility vehicle, capable of safely carrying large and heavy loads safely in extreme conditions, or built out as a forward operating base for industrial or scientific operations. 

Rescue vehicle

Outfitted with specialized equipment to transport first responders and provide technical rescue to uncharted terrain, with the capability of being networked and integrated with other emergency response assets. The van is built to easily can accommodate two casualties and the required first responder team, or as a base camp from which remote rescue operations take place.

Military support vehicle

Highly ruggedized design and manufacturing means the Adventure 1 platform is the perfect multi-role, non-combat support vehicle at the company and battalion level.  It can easily accommodate up to 7 personnel, support communications and information systems (CIS) modules, area reconnaissance, military police, and command and control functions.

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Passenger resort vehicle

Providing exceptional ride quality and convenience to satisfy discerning guests is challenging with off-road conversions.  As a full passenger vehicle, Adventure 1 has room to accommodate 7 passengers and their personal effects, making it the ideal shuttle for any property, or as a safari ride.

Commercial delivery van

With the Adventure 1's smart technologies, generous interior capacity on a compact external footprint, and a highly configurable space, you can elevate your company's efficiency to a new level. 

  • 1300 mm (51”) interior height 
  • 1640 mm (64”) width 
  • 4080 litres (27.5 ft2) storage capacity
  • 2 full sized palettes

Maneuverability- with a total width of only 64”, the commercial van variant can comfortably maneuver through the narrowest city streets, while still delivering a high load capacity.

Potential Motors employees testing electric vehicle prototype

Bespoke Solutions


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