Adventure 1

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Potential Adventure 1 Electric Off-Road Vehicle

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Everything you need at your fingertips. The Adventure 1 is a fully integrated electric Off-Road Recreational Vehicle. This compact off-road vehicle is handcrafted for exploring beyond where the trucks go and helping you to do more once you’re there.

This is not a mall-crawler branded as an off-roader. This is your specialty tool built purely for your off-road mission.

Unconventional Architecture



000MI / 160km

Off-Road Range
All Specifications 9

*All specifications are subject to change

Approach Angle



Dual Motor AWD



Breakover Angle


Ground Clearance




Departure Angle



9.84" rear & back

Seating & Sleeping

Seats 4, sleeps 2

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Off-Road OS

Potential Motors prototype electric UTV with Off-Road OS
Proactive suspension

Beyond active suspension. Off-Road OS adjusts damping and stiffness proactively for maximum performance and comfort through any conditions.

Live terrain adaptation

Automatic. Proactive. No manual adjustments necessary. Off-Road OS reads your terrain and feeds information back to the ECU in real time, delivering a seamless, optimized driving experience on any terrain.

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Independent suspension

Enjoy the smoothest rides while cruising trails and climb rocks and bumps with ease to reach any destination.

Dual motor all-wheel drive

Navigate the harshest of terrain with instant torque and all-wheel drive optimized by Off-Road OS.

Water resilience

Electric architecture provides opportunity for fully air-tight construction, unlike combustions engines. This makes the Adventure 1 more secure through water than gas off-road vehicles.

Potential Adventure 1 body-in-white hardware
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Explore with confidence

Potential Adventure 1 safety features
Exploration is bold, but not rash, because the best adventures are the ones that don’t go to plan. With automotive-grade safety features, the Adventure 1 gives you confidence in your endeavours through thoughtful design and technology.
Propane backup generator

An integrated emergency backup charger makes use of the cooking and heating propane to charge the vehicle when you're in a pinch.

Intelligent resilience

In the case of a hardware failure, Off-Road OS will identify the failure, notify the driver, and compensate to keep the vehicle moving when you need it most.

Low center of gravity

Adventure 1's batteries, the heaviest component, are located in the floor of the vehicle creating an incredibly low center of gravity. This significantly reduces the risk of tipping and rollovers.

Automotive-grade safety

Adventure 1 has an automotive-grade glass windshield with reflection resistance, fully adjustable and collapsible steering wheel, and three-way adjustable seats with individually adjustable headrests for maximum comfort and collision injury protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I drive the Adventure 1?

The Adventure 1 will be licensed as a UTV or OHV, meaning it can be driven on off-road trails, and can be driven anywhere except highways in many states.

How many Adventure 1s will be produced?

The Adventure 1 is an exclusive, limited edition product. Only a very limited quantity will ever be produced.

Is it safe through mud and water?

Electric vehicles are actually safer than combustion engines in water and mud. Unlike an engine, the vehicle’s batteries and motors can be completely sealed off from air or water.

What is an ORV?

An Off-Road Recreational Vehicle (ORV) is an off-highway vehicle designed specifically for recreational use such as camping. It is typically capable of cross-country travel without the benefit of a road or trail, traveling on land, snow, ice, sand, marsh, swampland, or other natural terrain.

How do I tow my vehicle?

The Adventure 1 can be flat towed or trailered behind any full-sized pickup truck or vehicle with sufficient towing capacity.

The Adventure 1 looks tall. Does it roll over easily?

No. Despite its form factor, the Adventure 1’s center of gravity is extremely low due to the heaviest component, the battery, being under the floor.

How will I purchase the vehicle?

You will reserve your vehicle through the Potential website, but will purchase and organize delivery through an approved dealer.

Where is the Adventure 1 available?

The Adventure 1 will be available for purchase in the United States and Canada for now.

How does the pre-order waitlist work?

The waitlist is first-come-first-serve. The earlier your pre-order, the earlier you are prioritized for delivery. You can request a refund of your pre-order and have your spot in line removed.

When are deliveries?

Deliveries are planned for 2025.

What is the Adventure Plan?

The Adventure Plan is a curated experience to plan your experiences and personalize your Adventure 1. The first step is a video call meeting with members of our Leadership Team as soon as you pre-order. Then, as we bring your vehicle to life, you will meet with an Adventure Consultant to work with you to plan your experiences and personalize your vehicle to your needs.

How will I get the vehicle serviced?

Servicing your Adventure 1 will be supported through your vehicle dealer.

Who do I contact with questions about my pre-order?

You can email Customer Experience at customer@potentialmotors.com.

How do I refund my pre-order and remove my spot in line?

You can email customer@potentialmotors.com to request a refund of your pre-order.

Where do I charge my Adventure 1?

You can charge your Adventure 1 through level 1, 2, or 3 charging like any other electric vehicle. This means you can charge at your home or cottage, public chargers, or through any 120 V standard AC outlet.

What if my battery dies while I’m out on the trails?

The Adventure 1 comes with an integrated backup charger that can be used to recharge the vehicle in the worst case scenarios.

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